General Dentistry in North York at North Park Dental Care

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General Dentistry services offered at North Park Dental Care in North York, Toronto provide the foundations for your oral health.

General Dentistry Services in North York

General dentistry services are provided to patients looking to maintain the health of their smiles.

Whether you have a broken tooth that needs to be fixed, or if you are looking for a regular dental cleaning, we provide the services you need.

General Dentistry Services, North York Toronto Dentist

Fillings & Crowns

Our dentist offers white fillings and crowns as restorative procedures for patients who have a broken tooth or a cavity that needs to be fixed. Learn More »

Root Canals & Extractions

We provide root canals if your tooth has undergone advanced damage. Learn More »

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a top priority for our patients. At North Park Dental Care, we partner with you to support your oral health. Learn More »

Bridges & Dentures

We offer dentures and bridges for teeth replacement options at North Park Dental Care in Toronto. Learn More »

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