Dental Care for Families in North York Toronto

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The team of dentists at North Park Dental Care is here to provide family dental services in the North York, Toronto area.

Family Services, North York Toronto Dentist

Family Services

Families are always welcome at North Park Dental Care in Toronto. Regular visits to the dentist and an early start to oral health care are important components of your children growing up with healthy smiles.

Your Child's First Visit

We know the importance of positive dental experiences for children. We recommended that you show your child that visiting the dentist is normal, interesting and pleasant.

Bring your child in for their first visit when they are around age 1 or start showing signs of teeth growing in.

Tips for Healthy Smiles

  • Eat Right: Dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt) are great sources of calcium which is important for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Floss Once a Day: Daily flossing is important because it cleans where the toothbrush can't - between teeth and below the gum line.
  • Get Them Excited: Counting teeth is a fun way to get your child interested in his or her own dental development.
  • Brush in the morning and evening: Kids should be brushing their teeth before bed and in the morning. Start good habits that can last for a long time.

We are accepting new families that have recently moved to the area. Book a family appointment today.

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