Dental Bonding in North York at North Park Dental Care

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Our dentist Dr. Rubinger offers dental bonding in North York, Toronto as a cosmetic option for patients.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding uses materials to make minor changes to smiles.

You might need dental bonding for closing gaps or changing the colour of your teeth.

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Why would I consider dental bonding?

Bonding is an alternative some patients choose, as it can be a more affordable choice of cosmetic treatment option.

The bonding material is made from a 'porous' texture and may change color over time, creating the need for you to re-do this procedure when appropriate.

Dr. Rubinger will provide you with a cosmetic consultation and determine whether bonding is the cosmetic option best suited to your needs and smile goals.

Learn more about dental bonding for your smile by contacting us.

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